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ReadEnvironment is a social-welfare, environment friendly organization. Its base of operation is in a small town known as Larkana, situated in Pakistan. It is created by Mr. Nade Ali in 2019, February 20. ReadEnvironment has an ambition of keeping the earth green and breathable for the people in it. To accomplish that we have an impressing way that " For Every Book That ReadEnvironment sells, The Organization Plants Seven Trees".


ReadEnvironment sees the world as an amazing place for human/animal life. ReadEnvironment desire to make the changes for the best. In the future, we don’t want to be known as saviors of the world but instead we want people to follow their footsteps and keep the earth safe and green.


From the past two decades, the humans have been making the earth unbreathable and harming it with the constant emission of Carbon Dioxide and other harmful reagents. In order to counteract those effects, this organisation has taken the responsibility to make the world green and harmless for the life. The ultimate goal is to plant as many trees as possible. With the idea " For every book sell, the organization will plant seven trees.