In order to say yes to your priorities, you’ve to be willing to say no to something else. Human nature is so much possessive and sometimes over possessive. We give priority to everything we are possessive about, either our loved ones, our parents, our siblings, the person we love, our responsibilities, our studies, our passion or anything else. Sometimes our level of priority crosses the limit and we become too much attached or involve in that thing that we forget every other thing of the world even the One Who created us, our Almighty God.

We cannot imagine our level of possession about anything or person. Even if we are possessive about a person, we don’t bear any other person with them or don’t bear to let others think of them. If that person starts ignoring us, give priority to others rather than us or become possessive about something else, we become jealous or start hating them, we say how they dared to do this to us. Some of us start thinking about to take revenge from them or do some harm to them. While some of us start praying, they cry in prayers, become stubborn to God to get them back in their lives and some even loose the faith in God when they don’t get what they pray. But God always accepts our those prayers which are in our favor because He knows what our tomorrow holds for us and that could be the biggest blessing for us but at that time we couldn’t see His blessing because there would be too much emotional clutter blocking our view.

Being a human, we cannot bear any other human’s this kind of behavior with us or we can’t bear them to do such kind of things to us. How The God, who created us for himself can bear that His creation give too much importance or priority to any other thing that they forget their Creator. In the response of this God says to angels (even though HE knows everything) ‘look at that person, to whom they give too much priority than Me, take that thing away from them, like we took away Prophet Yousuf (A.S) from his father Prophet Yaqoob (A.S) to whom he gave so much priority, in whose love he became too much lost that he forget the Creator of Yousuf. Do they forget the examples that I have created for you so could learn that how I had seized  the things from people for whom they were very possessive, who they kept very dear to them or gave unlimited priorities’.

Whenever our level of possession crosses the limit, God will take that thing away from us as it is natural. Every right implies a responsibility; Every opportunity, an obligations; every possession, a duty. Affection is not about possession, it’s all about appreciation. Make everything balance in your life so that you cannot lose anything.

Be careful not to forget God. Be faithful and know that God can take back,

just as fast as he gives!

Rabia Brohi pursuing MBA

Forgiveness - Rehab Shaikh

March 29, 2019

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  2. Such good much relatable.


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