University Experience -Rehab Shaikh

University Experience 

Life I was used to In Saudia Arabia is very different than what I faced and experienced here in Pakistan. I came for my studies so got admission in university. This is the very first time for me I felt like *Log bary ajeeb hain* thing. Everyone around was so judgmental. Like I’m was very introvert sorta person and for me making friends was not an easy task but I managed to make few girl friends, they were super nice to me but always *burai krna* was their hobby. 

So I just thought maybe thats how it works. I didn’t know how to act fake or how to trap people, literally used to believe and trust people easily. I thought I’m smart enough to know which people to trust, but the entire semester passed and I was all naive. 

They literally used to make fun of me and my abaya, behind my back playing all cool in front of me. Meanwhile I was just trying to be nice to everyone. 

Why I’m writing this weird experience? 

Because I want to share what I learned. 

  1. Don’t get too excited!
  2. Don’t get too close to people.
  3. Tell people only basic stuff.
  4. Don’t trust them with everything.

People ruin others lives by targeting their image. They speak shit about you because they need spice in life but you need to simply ignore them and attention to your own character.  Stay as much reserved as you can and never let your self-esteem down at any cost and never justify yourself. 

From SZABIST Larkana Campus

Forgiveness - Rehab Shaikh

April 14, 2019

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