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‘Don’t leave me’ her heart begged silently. The day he left was bright and full of colors but suddenly it felt as he made his way leaving her hand cold, the day grew dark, and the skies lowered, and a thick fog embraced him. And he disappeared like dust.

Her eyes went blurry and steps became heavier, unable to walk the skies started to move around his voice echoing in her mind  the day he entered her life when she had no one but her heart and mind for company. 

Her frail heart was beating in happiness when the rhythms of its beats danced with the melody of his. 

Laying in her bed silently, His voice was still echoing in her head; She tugged fingers in ears. 

It was like if somebody had shaken her awake from deep slumber and told that she won’t ever be able to sleep this way again. She was numb, for a few hours. Wishing everything is going to be fine and it is just a bad dream once she will wake up everything is going to be fine and she will  get her forever after. 

But sometimes life becomes very ruthless. It is not because you deserved it. It feels overwhelming, and yet no amount of pleading or weeping will make it go away. It will be just there. But that is also not the end of the world. 

Accept the reality. Accept that it was not okay whatever happened to you whatever broke you. It was not okay. Don’t allow anyone to be able to destroy you on this level! Don’t be so weak! Raise yourself to be a women of honor. Don’t allow anyone to question your identity. 


Separate yourself from whatever causing you pain. Separate yourself from the anxiety they put you in. You deserve the happiness. You’re who you’re. People try to break you apart and take some of our pieces with themselves don’t ever let them take the actual “You” the warrior “You” the riser “You”. 

As one of my favorite writer says, 

“We literally think, that forgiving them is what they did was okay. That we’re saying we are letting go that yeah, what happened in past was okay, you know that not what forgiveness is!  

Forgiveness is .. saying what happened was horrible you shouldn’t have done it, but I’m no longer going to allow the pain that you caused me to effect who I’m right now. I’m forgiving you for me,not for you. You’ve to deal with what you’ve done” – Najwa Zebian 

Set yourself free, forgive yourself and the forgive them as well. 

Wake up with the new hope new smile, invest yourself into something that is good for you, do good but remember not everyone has a heart like yours.

Be un-breakable. 

Problems, obstacles, challenges. They are all a part of life. We can’t avoid them, but we can learn to cope with them in a more hopeful way that allows us to experience a little joy even in the face of hardship. 

Always smile and love yourself, Be un-breakable.

Rehab Shaikh from SZABIST Larkana.


April 9, 2019

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April 9, 2019

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